Nafees Alam, PhD, LMSW - Yeshiva University

Robin Allen, PhD, MSW - Boise State University 

Rachel Amity - University of Michigan 

Brian Anderson, PhD, MSW - Jackson State University

Maya Anderson 

Dawn Anderson-Butcher, PhD, LISW-S - The Ohio State University

Barb Anthony, LISW-S - Contractual Training Supervision 

Carter Bain - Virginia Commonwealth University 

Katie Bartley, LMSW - Therapy Austin 

Kristie Baumchen, MSW - University of Kansas 

Lauren Beasley, MSW - University of Tennessee  

M. Daniel Bennett Jr., PhD, MSW - University of Alabama  

Daniel Bonaventura, MSW - Lamar University

Christine Boyd-Francis, MA, - State of New York

Daniel Bromley - Province of British Columbia - Corrections Branch

Dawn Brown, MSW - University of South Florida School of Social Work

Patrick Brown - University of Southern Illinois 

Susan Bryant - University of Tennessee

Karen Bullock, PhD, LCSW - North Carolina State University

Lou Bustos, MS - University of Alabama 

Tara Byrne, BA - National Ability Center

Latasha Callaway, MS - University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Heather Camara, ASW - South Bay Community Services

John Castro-Tie, LCSW - Private Practice  

Jessica Cerda, BA - Loyola Chicago University

Corinne Coai - Walden Behavioral Care

Dominique Colarossi - Stonybrook University 

Tory Cox, MSW, LCSW, EdD, and PPSC - University of Southern California 

Kathryn Coxe, MSW, LSW - Ohio State University 

Gina Crean, MSW - University of Southern California

Dennis Crowell, MSW - University of Illinois 

Jennifer Cruze, MSW, LICSW - Swedish Medical Center, Northshore School District

Geoff Cushner, LICSW 

Betsy Cutler, MA - College Wellness Programs 

Courtney Cutlip - Loras College 

Anita A. Daniels, LCSW, LCAS, CCS - Actualities Limited

Deanna Daniels, MSW 

Eric Dawson, LMSW - Redeemer Counseling Services

Rebekah DeRosa, BA - University of Texas at Austin

Alex Diaz, PhD, LCSW - Peak Performance Mental Coaching

Patricia Dixon, MSW, LMSW, ACSW - Wayne State University 

Kayla Douglas, LLMSW - University of Michigan

Zach Draves - Aurora University 

Sara Driesenga, LLMSW - University of Michigan 

Lori Dugan, MSW, LCSW - University of North Carolina Wilmington 

Savannah Dynkowski, BA - University of Michigan

Javious Ellis - University of North Carolina at Charlotte 

Kristina Faimon, PhD, LCSW - University of Nebraska Omaha

Stephanie Falotico, LMSW - The Children's Center

Dominique Fay, University of South Carolina 

Marc Felizzi, PhD, LCSW - Millersville University 

Marybeth Finegan, LMSW - CitiLeaf Housing

Danielle Finke - Indiana University 

Emily Fogle - New York University 

Angelo Fouras, LCSW - Clover Insurance/Principium Health

Jennifer Gapin Farrell, PhD, MSW, LMSW, CC-AASP - UNC-Greensboro

Stephanie Gaumer, LMSW - Counseling Centers of Michigan 

Kimberly Gibson, MSW - University of Alabama

Emmett Gill, PhD, MSW - University of Texas at Austin 

Kessonga Giscombe, MS, L.Ac - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Wesley Gosselin - University of Tennessee 

Brit Gourdine - Government of the District of Columbia 

Trisha Grady, LCSW, MSW - B & D Integrated Health Services

Natalie Graves, MSW, LCSW, CAD - Graves Athletic Counseling

Sydney Griffin - Boston University

Ginger Gummelt, PhD, LCSW - Lamar University

Madison Hale, MSW - State of Alabama 

Angelia Ham, MSW, LCSW - University of Southern Illinois Edwardsville 

Carolyn Haney, LMSW - Self-employed 

Brad Hambric, MA, NCC, LPSC, LCAS-A - University of Georgia

Carolyn Haney, LMSW - Seeds for Change, LLC

Aprill Harmon, MSW, MBA, LCSW-S - VA North Texas Health Care System 

David Harris, LCSW - Positive By Design LLC

Tanja Harris, LCSW 

Jim Helling, LICSW - University of Massachusetts, Amherst 

Janice Hilliard, PhD - Hilliard Creative Education & Development Solutions, LLC

Ashlea Hopkins, LCSW - George Mason University  

Danita Horton, MA, LCAS - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Derrick Howell, LMSW - School Social Worker 

Jalonta Jackson, LMSW - Troy University

Jamal Jackson, MSW - Student Athlete Counseling 

Rachael Jankowsky - University of Chicago 

Katie Johnson, LISW - Johnson Counseling Services, LLC

Michael Johnson, EdD, MSW - University of Southern California

Jessica Joiner, MSW, LCSW, CACIII - Clinical Private Practice 

Cassidy Kahn - New York University Silver School of Social Work 

Thomas Karpinski - University of Michigan 

Victor Kidd, LGSW - University of South Carolina

Melissa Kortzman, MSW - University of Calgary 

Stacy Kratz, LCSW, CAP - University of Southern California

Amy Pope-Latham, LCSW - Coastal Beaches Therapy 

Brody Leatham - Boise State University 

Laura Lein, PhD, MA - University of Michigan 

Janice Little, MBA - University of Texas at Austin

Sheri Locklear - Kennesaw State University 

Lana Loken Ed.D., MS - Dakota Wesleyan University 

Ryan Long, LICSW - Private Practice 

James H Lopez III, MSW - Los Angelas Dodgers Foundation 

Courtney Lotto, MSW - Mismo Gymnastics 

Luba Lowery, MSW, LICSW - Eliot Community Human Services

Erica Magier, MSW, LSW - The Ohio State University 

Madison Maher, BSW - Strive Living Society

Del Majore, MSW - Alberta Health Services 

Hannah Manger - University of Louisville 

Warde Manuel, MSW, MBA - University of Michigan 

Anna Marcolin, MSW, LCSW - Private Practice

Jhazzman Martin, LMSW - Allegiance Behavioral Health Center

Jarette Maye, BA - Auburn University

Amy Mayes - University of South 

Jacqueline McLean, MSW, LICSW 

Mirna Milinovic - Croatia 

Lauren Miller, DSW, LCSW - Tulane University 

Cindy Miller Aron, LCSW, CGP, FAGPA - Private Practice (Portland, OR) 

Orlando Milton Jr., PhD, MSW - Texas Southern University 

Kelli Monedero, LCSW - Eastwood Middle School (Indianapolis)

Matt Moore, PhD, MSW - Ball State University  

Lorin Mordecai, MSW, LSW - University of Connecticut 

Kelsey Morrison, BSW - University of Valley Forge

Marlene Morrison, MSW - Marion County Public Schools 

Christine Mosher, LICSW - MedOptions, Inc. 

Raymond Mullenax, LCSW - Boise State University 

Shelly Mullenix, MS, ATC - Louisiana State University

Andrew Myhre - University of Vermont

Lisa Nafziger, MSW, CSW, LGSW - PEAK Performance Training Center

Tarkington Newman, MSW - The Ohio State University

Traci Nigg, LMSW - Wichita Public Schools

Noel Nkuranyabahizi - Rwanda Karate Federation 

Dannielle Nokes, MSW, LCSW - Champion Minds Counseling

John O'Neil, EdD, LCSW, LCDC, CAS - Phoenix House and Minor League Baseball

Molly O'Shea - Fordham University 

Megan Ottati - Boston College University 

Kimberly Outlaw, PhD, MSW - East Caroline University 

Dana Parrott, MSW, LICSW - Servicenet

Michele Parrott - Our Lady of the Lakes University 

Shannon Paskaris, LCSW - Penn Medicine - Princeton Health Care System 

Jill Patent, MSW, LCSW, CCM - Tulane Professional Athlete Care Team

Patrice Pelmore - University of Illinois

KE'Marvin Pitts, BS - University of Tennessee

Jordan Platt, LMSW - University of Arkansas

Kimberly Plourde, MSW, LCSW - Thriveworks 

Karen Ponder, LCSW - NFL Players Care

Germe Poston, MPH - Walden University

Suzanne Potts, LMSW, MPH - University of Texas 

Cassidy Radi - Capella University 

Cathy Rahill, LICSW, MSW - University of Vermont

Emilie Rains, MSW - National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Gypsy Ray, LCSW - Private Practice

Nathan Recknagel, LMSW - NFL Player Care Foundation

Jerry Reynolds, LMSW - Louisiana State University  

Tamika Rhinehart, MSW 

Brett Riley - University of Southern California

Vanessa Robinson-Dooley, MPA, MSW, LCSW, PhD - Kennesaw State University

Ananda Rosa, MSW, LCSW - University of Arkansas

Stephanie Rosado - University of Southern California 

Monica Rosario, BS - University of Texas at Austin

Diana Rowan, PhD, MSW - University of North Carolina Charlotte

Ricky Ruzicka - University of Cincinnati 

Reinaldo Sanchez, BSW 

Lindsey Sanders, LCSW - University of North Carolina Greensboro 

Michael Scales - University of Alabama 

Anna Scheyett, PhD, MSW, MS, MPhil - University of Georgia 

Kaitlin Schmucker, ASW - Turning Point Community Programs 

Micah Schnurstein, MSW, LCSW - Aspire Mental Health / Seeds2Succeed

AJ Segneri - St. Ambrose University 

Dawn Shadron, LCSW - University of Connecticut 

Hayley Sherer - University of Southern California 

Lauren Shute - Fordham University 

Angelica Sievers - University of Southern California 

Carly Silverstein - University of Georgia 

Justin Singleton, LSSW - Tennessee Department of Education and Pearl-Cohn Entertainment High School

Ashleigh Smith, LCSW - University of Texas at Austin 

Lori Smith, MSW, LSW

Christine Sotile, LMSW - Louisiana State University 

Brandon St. Croix - Eastern Health (Canada)

Jordan Stamps - University of Southern California

Heather Stan - University of Texas at Austin

Erin Starkey, LCSW, MSW - ComPsych  

Dana Sullivan, PhD, CSW - Western Kentucky University 

Charon Sumler - CASA of Travis County

Amber Tacke, LCSW - Pathways Transition Programs

Erica Thygesen, MSW, CSWA, LICSWA, MAC - NAADAC, CADC III - Central City Concern

Amy Trussell, MSW, LCSW

Jessica Tuggle, MSW - Georgia State University 

Sharilyn Twidwell, MSW - Zenith Aquatic Program

Neha Uberoi - Columbia University 

Bailey Uhl, MS, LCSW 

William Vanderwill, LMFT, BCD - University of Michigan 

Amanda Vasquez, MSW, LCSW, MA - Metlife

Jesus Vasquez, MSW, LCSW 

Azaia Wallace, BA - North Carolina Central

John Peter (JP) Wallace - PEAK Performance Training Center

Charlotte Warren, LCSW - LCASA - University of Georgia 

Simone Walton, MSW - University of Southern California 

Richard Weaver, MSSW, CSW - University of Louisville 

Eveldora Wheeler, EdD, MSW, LMSW, MBA - West Liberty University 

Monica White, MSW, LCSW, LMHP - Creighton University 

Clarence Williams, LMSW, MSW - Grambling State University 

Haley Williams, MSSW - University of Texas at Austin

S. Lavi Wilson, DSW, LCSW - LaviPrep Seminars

Karen Winston, MSW - Private Practice 

Eric Wolf - Fordham University 

Dustin Wooldridge - University of Denver

Allyson Yelich, BA - University of Buffalo 

Linda York, B.S.W., B.Ed., M.S.W. Registered Clinical Social Worker - Linda York Counseling

Alix Young, BSW - Head Start

Luis Zayas, PhD - University of Texas at Austin

Morgan Zwengler - University of Pennsylvania 


University of Southern California - Suzanne Dworak Pech School of Social Work 

Davis Sound Mind - Mark Davis LCSW and Nicole Davis, LCSW


Taylor Spells (Cohort One)

Jennie Waldner (Cohort One)

Kathryn Drudy (Cohort One)

Brian Chaney (Cohort Two)

Ashlea Hopkins (Cohort Two)

Maureen McDonald (Cohort Two)

Becky Sowers (Cohort Two)

Danielle Snyder (Cohort Two)

Brandon Ousley (Cohort Three)

Danielle Lindstrom (Cohort Three)

Jessica Durand (Cohort Three)

Kristina Faimon (Cohort Three)

Tia Gilbert (Cohort Three)

Harold Shines (Cohort Three)

Julie Larsen (Cohort Four) 

Carlisa Harris (Cohort Four) 

Nicolo Porto (Cohort Four)

Nice Vincent (Cohort Four) 

Madeline Durie (Cohort Four)

Eric Dawson (Cohort Four) 

Hannah Abbe (Cohort Four)

Deven Bonnemere (Cohort Four)

Lacy Duke (Cohort Four)

Rosie Martinez (Cohort Four)

Jade Patterson (Cohort Four)

Darcel Dillard-Suite (Cohort Four)

Amari Hartsfield (Cohort Four)

Jai Combest (Cohort Four)

Katie Balint (Cohort Four)

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