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William Abe, Student, University of Southern California

Matthew Ahlberg, LMSW - High Watch Recovery Center/University of Saint Joseph

Nafees Alam, PhD, LMSW - Boise State University 

Jackie Albanes, LCSW-C, LICSW - District of Columbia Public Schools

Saundre Allen, LCSW - Queens N' Therapy

Brian Anderson, PhD, MSW - Jackson State University

Dawn Anderson-Butcher, PhD, LISW-S - The Ohio State University

Barb Anthony, MSSA, LISW-S  - Northeast Ohio Women's Sports Alliance

Anil Arora, LCSW - University of Houston 

Hannah Ashley, MSW, LCSW - Baylor University

Francis Asprec - Coalition for Asian American Children and Families

Tony Austin, MSW - Communities in Schools, Heart of Texas

Carinthia Bank, LSW, MSW, MS - Rowan Psychotherapy and Consulting, PLLC

Katie Bartley, LMSW - Therapy Austin 

Samantha Bates, PhD, LMSW - The Ohio State University  

Kristie Baumchan, LCSW - University of Kansas

Catherine Beach, LAMFT - SAGE and SafeSport 

Lauren Beasley, LMSW - University of Tennessee

Samuel Beauregard, MSW, LCSW - Wayside Youth and Family Support Network

Eliza Beird, University of Michigan 

Aaron Benard - Eastern Michigan University 

Kimberly Black, LCSW, LCAS, MPH, M.Div. - Kimberly Black Counseling & Consulting PLLC

Tara Boer, LISW - Sioux Center Behavioral Health/Dordt University

Lisa Bonta Sumii, LCSW - Psychotherapist/Sport Performance Consultant

Christine Boyd-Francis, LMSW - State of New York

Taliya Braden - Indiana University 

Dawn Brady - University of Denver 

Michaela Breeze - Cayuga Community College

Daniel Bromley, RSW 

Armanee' Broussard, LMSW - Lafayette Parish School System

Vanessa Brown, MSW, LCSW - Williams College 

Carolyn Buoscio - Student, University of Southern California (USC)

Nellie Burke 

Lou Bustos, MS - University of Alabama 

Julie Caine, MSW, LCSW - Fontbonne University

Laura Cardinal, LICSW - University of Southern California 

Anabel Carter, LCSW - Owner of Mindfulness Counseling Associates LLC

Warren Clark, LMSW - University of Michigan 

Jasmine Cohen, LCSW - DoD/ Mindz Matter

Dani Cohn - University of Michigan 

Corinne Coia, MSW - University of Notre Dame

Katey Collins, LCSW - Bee Happy Therapy, LLC

Carol Cook - St. Ambrose University 

Griffin Corbett - University of Alabama 

Arielle Cowsette, MSW, LSW - Upper Darby School District

Dennis Crowell, MSW - University of Illinois 

Patricia Cruz, Ph.D., LCSW - Belhaven University

Jennifer Cruze, MSW, LICSW - Swedish Medical Center, Northshore School District

Geoff Cushner, MSW, LICSW - Athlete Mental Health and Wellness

Betsy Cutler, MA - College Wellness Programs 

Courtney Cutlip - University of Illinois at Chicago

Anita A. Daniels, LCSW, LCAS, CCS - Actualities Limited

Johnique Davis, A.M, M.Ed - Dwight D. Eisenhower High School

Bre Dawson, LMSW

Eric Dawson, LMSW - Redeemer Counseling Services

Ashley Devan, MSW, LCSWA - Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center

Alex Diaz, PhD, LCSW - Peak Performance Mental Coaching

Patricia Dixon, MSW, LMSW, ACSW - Wayne State University 

Kyle Donohue, MSW, M.Div - Waco Independent School District

Kayla Douglas, LLMSW - Dare to Be

Sara Driesenga, LLMSW - Central Michigan University 

Lori Dugan, MSW, LCSW - University of North Carolina Wilmington 

Kristina Faimon, PhD, LCSW - University of Nebraska Omaha

Marc Felizzi, PhD, LCSW - Millersville University 

Melanie Fierstine, LICSW - Minot State University/North Dakota State University

Orionee Fitts - University of South Florida

Annie Flanagan, LCSW - State of CT Dept of MH 

Claire Fuller, MSW - Creative Ways Therapy 

James Garcia-Prats - Professional, Houston reVision

Josselin Geer - Texas A&M International UniversityJennifer Gapin Farrell, PhD, MSW, LCSW, CC-AASP - UNC-GreensboroSantamaria Gail, LCSW - Private Practice 

Kimberly Gibson, MSW - University of Alabama

Angela Givian, LMSW - Andrews & Associates, Inc. - Private Practice

Jamie Glick, LCSW, LAC - University of Denver 

Lauren Gordon, LCSW - Self-Employed 

Kayla Grande-White, MSW, LCSW - My Friend's Place

Natalie Graves, AM, LCSW, CADC - Natalie Graves Athletic Counseling

Kareema Gray, Ph.D., MSW - Johnson C. Smith University 

Tami Greene - Ball State University 

Cori Guay, MSW, LSW - Private Practice

Ginger Gummelt, PhD, LCSW - Lamar University

Brad Hambric, MA, NCC, LPSC, LCAS-A - University of Georgia

Rachel Hamilton - Syracuse University 

David Harris, LCSW - Positive By Design LLC

Tanja Harris

Janae Heaney - The Brown School at Washington University St. Louis 

Jim Helling, LICSW - University of Massachusetts, Amherst 

Michael Henry - North Carolina State University 

Janice Hilliard, PhD - Hilliard Creative Education & Development Solutions, LLMontana C

Montana Hocutt, BSW - North Carolina State University 

Brooke Hogg, MSW - Walden University 

Daniel Holcomb - Cal State Northridge 

Marlene Holmes, MSW - Barry University 

Danita Horton, MA, LCAS - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Derrick Howell, LCSW - Humble Monarch Therapy

Melody Huslage, MSSW - University of Tennessee 

Jeffrey Inada, MSW, DSW-C - University of Southern California 

Janae Ingram, LCSW - Living Intentionally to Transform 

Teri Lyn Iversen - Concordia University 

Suzette Jacob, LCSW - Illinois Department of Human Services

Courtney Jackson, Student, Baylor University

Jamal Jackson, LCSW - Student-Athlete Counseling 

Rachael Jankowsky French, LSW - Chicago Fire FC 

Katie Johnson, LISW - Johnson Counseling Services, LLC

Michael Johnson, EdD, MSW - University of Southern California

Jessica Joiner, MSW, LCSW, CACIII - Clinical Private Practice 

Sarah Joyner, LMSW - Austin Therapy For Girls

Cassidy Kahn, MSW, LMSW 

Kate Kaufman Burns, MSW, LCSW-RS - Siena College

Victor Kidd, PhD, LMSW, MSW

Spencer Kilpatrick, MSW, LICSW - Synergy Counseling Services, LLC

Kyra Kimber, MSW, LSW - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Melissa Kimber, PhD, MSW - McMaster University and Locke Psychotherapy Group

Carly Kimiecik - Purdue University 

Kaitlyn Kovar, LSW - JFK Medical Center

Stacy Kratz, PhD, LCSW, CAP - University of Southern California

Garrett LaMartina - Millersville University 

Tobie Langsam - Adelphi University 

Alisha Lassiter, LCSWA - Pride in NC, LLC

Mary Lawson Day, LMSW - Union University

Christy Linder 

Katie Lingle - University of Michigan 

Ellie Lipton, MSW, LCSW - Private Practice 

Janice Little, MBA - University of Texas at Austin

Lana Loken Ed.D., ATC - Dakota Wesleyan University 

Ryan Long - Rutgers University 

Gilbert Lopez Jr., LCSW - Texas State University

Claudia Lopez-Matamoros - University of South Florida

Luba Lowery, MSW, LICSW - Eliot Community Human Services

Jessica Lucason Leckner, LCWS - Self-Employed

Sydney Mack

Esmeralda Madrigal, LCSW - Private Practice

Whitney Mangum - LMSW

Anna Marcolin, LCSW - Private Practice

Jhazzman Martin, LMSW - Allegiance Behavioral Health Center

Hilda Martinez-Reyes, MSW, LPN - Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Abby McCarthy, MSW, LCSW - McCarthy Counseling LLC

Amanda McDonald, MSW, MSK - Southeastern University 

Kalyn McDonough, MSW - University of Delaware

Lisa McKay - Trent University 

Amanda McKinley, MSW - IUPUI

Jacqueline McLean, MSW, LICSW - Self-Employed

Sydney McSorley, MSW, LSW - Refresh Mental Health

Jakayla McSwain - University of Louisville 

Rossanna Mendez Cole, LCSW - The Missing Key

Cindy Miller Aron, LCSW, CGP, FAGPA - Private Practice (Portland, OR) 

Kate Miller, LMHC - Private Practice 

Lauren Miller, DSW, LCSW - Tulane University 

Orlando Milton Jr., PhD, MSW - Texas Southern University 

Kelli Monedero, LCSW - Indiana University 

Cambreisha Montgomery, MSW, ACSW - Vista Del Mar

Matt Moore, PhD, MSW - Ball State University and Anderson University 

Lorin Mordecai Tredinnick, Ph.D., MSW, LSW - Kean University

Christine A. Mosher, LICSW - Walden Behavioral Care

Taliah Muhammad, LCSW - Life Redefined Consulting

Shelly Mullenix, MSW, MS, ATC - Louisiana State University

Eddie Mungai, MSW - McCaFi

Michaela Murphy, University of Michigan 

Jaco Nason - Washington University in St. Louis

Timothy Neal, MS, AT, ATC, CCISM - Concordia University 

Tarkington Newman, PhD, MSW, MS - University of New Hampshire

Traci Nigg, LMSW - The Ohio State University

Noel Nkuranyabahizi - Rwanda Karate Federation 

Lindsay Nolan, LMSW, LCSW - NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital

Nia Oden-McCann - Adelphi University

Jesse O'Donnell, MSW - University of Denver 

Brandon Ousley, MSW, NMP - University of Memphis

Kim Outlaw, PhD, MSW, CSOTS, MAC, CSAS, MSWAC, CCBT, LCAS - Pitt Comm. College

Shannon Paskaris, MSW - Private Practice

Sohni Patel - Columbia University 

Jill Patent, MSW, LCSW, CCM - Tulane Professional Athlete Care Team

Patrice Pelmore, MSW - Family Advocacy

Alessia Perez, MSW - Elevated Counseling and Wellness

Faith Pinamang - University of South Florida

Kimberly Plourde, MSW, LCSW - Thriveworks 

Karen Ponder, LCSW - Private Practice

Amy Pope-Latham, LCSW - Coastal Beaches Therapy

Deidre Porter, EdD, MA - Cypress College 

Suzanne Potts, LMSW, MPH - University of Texas 

Jalyn Ramseur, MSW - University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Holly Randall, LCSW

Jerry Reynolds, LMSW - Ball State University 

John Ristau - University of Michigan/Metro Detroit Youth Clubs

Bretty Riley, MSG, MSW - Major League Baseball

Paige Roberts, MSW LCSW LICSW - On Point Performance Neuro Training LLC

Dawn Robertson, LCSW, ACHP-SW, ACM - Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Tory Robinson - University of Nebraska - Omaha 

Vanessa Robinson-Dooley, PhD, LCSW, CNP - Simmons University

Stephanie Rosado - University of South Florida

Monica Rosario, BS - University of Texas at Austin

Diana Rowan, PhD - UNC Charlotte

Liz Sack, Student, Georgetown University

Lindsey Sanders, PhD, LCSW, MSW - Cigna 

Gina Scalzo, LSW 

Tyler Schaffer, MHP - University of Illinois

Travis Scheadler, MS - The Ohio State University 

Kaitlin Schmucker, ASW  

Trae Scoops, LLC

Micah Schnurstein, MSW, LCSW - Aspire Mental Health / Seeds2Succeed

Dawn Shadron, LCSW - University of Connecticut

Pramod Shankran - Just for Kicks

Carly Silverstein - University of Georgia 

Renee Smith-Maddox, PhD - University of Southern California

Sabrina Snowberger - University of Alabama 

John Southee, LMSW - San Antonio ISD

Brandon St. Croix, MSW, RSW - Eastern Health 

Kelly Spehar - University of Michigan

Kathryn Sporing-Kovach, LPC - In Bounds PDX

Sarah Stadnik, MSW, LCSW - MD Anderson Cancer Center 

Joe Stan, MS - Austin Community College

Heather Stan - University of Texas at Austin

Chantay Stanley 

Erin U. Starkey, LCSW - Private Practice

Andrew Sullivan - The Ithaca Times 

Dana Sullivan, PhD, MSW - Western Kentucky University 

Charon Sumler, LPC, NBCC - The Ohio State University

Cecelia Tarr - University of New Hampshire

Evi Taylor, PhD, LCSW - University of North Carolina

Shauntenette Telepak - Our Lady of the Lake University 

Jenny Tharpe Smith, EdS, MSW - Lenoir Rhyne University

Renee Towles, MSW - Professional, United Soccer League (USL)

Tiffany Turner, LCMSW - Professional, Infinity Wellness Center & Consulting

Billy Thom, LMSW - Millbrook SchoolSharilyn Twidwell, MSW - Zenith Aquatic Program

Jessyca Vandercoy, LCSW - Whole Collective and University of Nebraska Kearney 

Nicole Vandehurst - University of Southern California 

William Vanderwill, LMFT, BCD - University of Michigan 

Jesus Vasquez, MSW, LCSW

Lea Velez, DSW, MSW - Texas State University

Wendy Waddell - University of Alabama

Rebecca Wade-Mdivanian, MSW, LISW-S - The Ohio State University

Molly Ann Walke, LMSW - Baylor University 

Simone Walton, DSW(c), MSW - HIAS

Charlotte Warren, LCSW, LCASA - University of Georgia 

Jameka Wasson, MS - North Carolina Central 

Robert Watts III, LCSW, MSW - UC Berkeley 

Richard Weaver, MSSW, CSW, LSW - University of Louisville 

Katie Webb, LCSW - Simmons University 

Dani Weinstock - University of Southern California

Cali Werner, LMSW - McLean OCD Institute

Dena Werner, LCSW - Yeshiva University 

Cooper Williams - Indiana University 

Crystal Williams, LCSW - Channels 4 Change, LLC 

Haley Williams, MSSW - University of Texas at Austin

Wan'ya Williams - IUFW

Kris Wilson - St. Anslem College

S. Lavi Wilson, DSW, LCSW - North Carolina Central University 

Karen Winston, LCSW - Private Practice 

Kiana Winston, LMSW - Tuscaloosa's One Place

Elizabeth Winter, PhD, MSW, MA, LSW - University of Pittsburg

Lauren Wise - Northern Kentucky University 

Dustin Wooldridge - University of Denver

Anastasia Zubek - Jane Addams School of Social Work 

Kendi Zvokel - Ball State University 







Certified Sport Social Workers (Completed Certificate Program and Internship)

Lucija Vlasic

Alex Diaz

Taylor Spells 

Jennie Waldner 

Brian Chaney 

Ashlea Hopkins 

Maureen McDonald 

Becky Sowers 

Brandon Ousley 

Darcel Dillard-Suite

Kristina Faimon

Jessica Durand

Alex Black

Eric Dawson

Pramod Shankaran

Holly Randall 

Symone Lyles

Bre Dawson

Dustin Wooldridge

Amari Hartsfield 

Nicolo Porto 

Completed Sport Social Worker Certificate Coursework (CEU Eligible)

Danielle Snyder 

Danielle Lindstrom 

Julie Larsen 

Kathryn Drudy 

Carlisa Harri

Nick Vincent

Madeline Durie

Devon Bonnemere

Lacy Duke 

Rosie Martinez 

Jade Patterson 

Jai Combest 

Katie Balint 

Spencer Kilpatrick 

Joanna Pomerantz 

Melinda Duplichan 

Molly Groth

Ann Bolling 

Kristina Coffinger 

Samuel Beauregard 

Wendy Portnoff 

Victoria Montenegro  

Whitney Booth 

Ellyn Klea

Courtney Gattis 

Dave Kells

Ryan McAdams 

Krystle Davis

Tia Gilbert

Harold Shines 

Marcus Jones

John Mysz

Lana Loken 

Jen Boa

Elizabeth Moberg 

Jaleesa Celestine

Suzette Jacob 

Kristina Murray

Meghan Hampton 

Joe Stan

Holly Vaughn-Edmond

Morgan Phoebus 

Nick Artis 

Jacina Hall

Lena Harris

Rachel Hamilton

Ashley Richard 

Chris Baxter 

Current Students

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