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Upon submission of your membership form we will send you an electronic invoice within 48 hours to collect membership dues. If you are interested in being vetted as a clinical social worker through our mental health registry and telehealth network please see the instructions at the bottom of this page. 

Thanks for submitting!

The Alliance of Social Workers in Sports maintains a telehealth provider list that is shared with various sport-based organizations. We also have a vetting process for sport social workers interested in being listed on the mental health registry for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. To be considered for either of these lists please email the following information in a single Word of PDF document to

(1) Mental health discipline (e.g., social work, psychology, counseling) 

(2) Primary State/Province of Licensure 

(3) License Number 

(4) To what specific athletes do you provide services? How long have you provided these services?

(5) In what capacity do you provide services (sole provider, consultant, contracted provider, in-house provider etc.)?

(6) Please discuss your training and/or supervision in providing sport social work or related services. 

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