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Who Are We?

The Alliance of Social Workers in Sports (ASWIS) is a collective voice for social workers to advocate and educate administrators and organizations about the breadth and depth social workers can uniquely bring to athletes and athletic culture. We provide a base for networking, educating, seeking consultation, and collaborating with this subspecialized group of professionals. 

ASWIS provides an opportunity for social workers to develop a professional network of colleagues who can create a national (and international) movement to promote the safety and well-being of athletes of all ages and abilities. We advocate for athlete rights, promote safety standards, and ensure that all athletes receive the recognition and help they need to shine light on the positives of athletic competition.

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"It is invigorating and affirming to be with a team of practitioners and scholars that are passionate about defining and professionalizing a new segment of social work practice.  I look forward each fall to attending the ASWIS conference to be with fellow team members who challenge each other to get off the bench and into the game.  Athletes deserve tailored social work interventions and the conference helps to motivate me to contribute to the literature base of this new practice area."


—  Dr. Diana Rowan, MSW Program Director and Associate Professor  

      University of North Carolina - Charlotte 

Member Spotlight


Lauren Beasley

PhD Candidate

Lauren is a LMSW, and currently in her second semester of her PhD program in sport management at the University of Tennessee. Lauren completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas (hook ‘em!) and a MSW at the University of San Antonio. "I am passionate about bringing the social work perspective into sport management research and into the classroom, exposing sport management students to the importance of the holistic care of athletes."


Suzanne Potts, LCSW, MPH

Director, Athletes for Hope

As the National Director for Athletes for Hope (AFH), Suzanne manages all the measurement and evaluation for the philanthropic organization. Currently, Suzanne serves as faculty with the George Washington University Business School, Sports Philanthropy Executive Certificate program teaching Program Design, and teaches two macro-focused courses at the University of Texas, Austin Graduate School of Social Work. Suzanne is a lifelong soccer player, loves connecting athletes to philanthropic opportunities, and believes sports can be a vehicle for change for anyone!

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Jevon Moore

Athletics Counselor

Jevon works with athletic counselors to assist in providing a full spectrum of care and services for student-athletes ranging from performance concerns to everyday emotional stressors. In addition to clinical care and support, Jevon consults with a variety of student-athlete support staff such as dietitians, psychiatrists, doctors and trainers to ensure the most integrative care possible. Jevon is particularly interested in helping student-athletes to purposefully and mindfully reduce the effects of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety during their transition into and out of college.