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ASWIS is committed to advertising job openings in athletics that pertain to social work practice, policy, and research.  If you would like us to promote your job opening on our website please email Dr. Matt Moore ( Over the past several months, multiple individuals, organizations, and universities have contacted us about posting their positions and seeking input on the recruitment of qualified individuals for their job vacancies.  We have also worked extremely hard to have conversations with employers about listing social work as a preferred degree for jobs in athletics.  We are more than happy to discuss the skills of social workers with anyone wondering about the full potential of our profession.   

For a donation to our Alliance, we are also able to promote any job posting as a "Spotlight" job. We will advertise your job on our home banner, feature the job as a primary posting on our job page, and send a special announcement about your posting through our membership listserv.  

Current Job Openings:

University of New Mexico - Director of Student-Athlete Development


West Virginia University - Academic Counselor - Student Athlete Development


West Virginia University - Student Athlete Development Program Coordinator - Athletics


Belmont University - Graduate Assistant: Student-Athlete Success


St. Peter's University - Director of Student-Athlete Development and Leadership


University of Minnesota - Academic Advisor


University of Delaware - Career Readiness Specialist, Student Services for Athletes


Miami University - Sr Individualized Learning Specialist/Academic Coordinator


University of Missouri St. Louis - Assistant Director of Athletics for Academics

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