Ms. Kelli Monedero (Co-Chair)

Mr. James Lopez (Co-Chair)

Dr. Jennifer Farrell

Ms. Katie Johnson 

Ms. Traci Nigg

Mr. Tarkington Newman 

Ms. Kathryn Coxe

Ms. Hannah Manger

Strategic Plan Goals 

1 Develop an action plan for how ASWIS can better serve vulnerable youth athletes. 

2 Identify two or more organizations within youth sports that ASWIS could partner with to promote

   and advocate for athlete health and wellness. Facilitate conversations with these organizations

   around educational opportunities, consultation services, etc. 

3 Respond to stories that highlight the strengths and challenges facing the youth athlete

   population. This can be done through memorandums, social media, contacting media outlets, and

   other appropriate forms of support and advocacy.

4 Partner with youth sports organizations to provide internship opportunities for ASWIS student

   members and Sport Social Work Certificate students.  

Please contact Matt Moore  if you would like to join the Committee on Youth Sports.

P.O. Box 592664 
San Antonio, TX 78259
Tel: (800)567-1178
Fax: (765)285-1029
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