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Strategic Plan Goals 

​Develop a working agenda for how ASWIS can better serve vulnerable professional and Olympic athletes. This agenda should help the Alliance achieve multiple phases of it's strategic plan.


Engage Alliance members in activities that impact professional development and has an impact on the social work profession within the field of athletics.  


​Identify two or more organizations within professional sports that ASWIS could partner with to promote and advocate for athlete health and wellness. Facilitate conversations with these organizations around educational opportunities, consultation services, etc. 

Respond to stories that highlight the strengths and challenges facing the professional athlete population. This can be done through memorandums, social media, contacting media outlets, and other appropriate forms of support and advocacy.

Partner with professional sports organizations to provide internship opportunities for ASWIS student members and Sport Social Work Certificate students.  

Develop an annual webinar or alternate educational experience on sport social work within professional athletics. If possible, this educational outreach should offer continuing education units. 

Utilize the Alliance regional structure to learn more about community-based and professional organizations working towards the well-being and functioning of athletes within the professional sport space.

If you are interested in joining this committee please contact

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