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The NCAA Cancellation Epidemic (By: Amari Hartsfield)

The COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, has caused an epidemic in our country. College and professional sports have called to be postponed until a later date. The NCAA President Mark Emmet put out the first statement stating that all championship events, including the Division 1 men’s and Women’s basketball tournaments, with only essential staff and limited family attendance, are allowed to continue with the tournament (NCAA, 2020). The NCAA put together an NCAA COVID-19 advisory panel that is led by medical, public health, and epidemiology experts from their respective fields of study and NCAA member schools. After consulting with The NCAA COVID-19 panel, President Mark Emmert and the Board of Governors to cancel the Division 1 men and women 2020 Basketball Tournaments, as well as the remaining winter and spring NCAA Championships.

From social work, aspect there will be many questions that arise from this epidemic pertaining fall and spring senior student-athletes who will soon exhaust eligibility. In the current state that we are in with this virus is still to be unknown, with school closing and seasons being postponed, there is no current timetable to when things will pick back up. With all these athletically related competitions and practices being canceled, I am curious to see how the NCAA handles the conversations about giving student-athletes their year of eligibility back and the push back of seasons. Even though things are still unknown, we must work closely with the NCAA to help advocate for our student-athletes in regaining a possible year of eligibility. We are all at a standstill will many questions waiting to be answered. Once everything is back to normal, we will have to wait and see what direction the NCAA will go.

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