Ms. Tamika Rhinehart

Strategic Plan Goals

1 Increase our total membership by 75 new individuals. To do this, members of this committee will

   identify strategies for recruiting new members (e.g., membership drives, promotions, marketing

   campaigns, etc.).

2 Gain ten (10) institutional and ten (10) agency-based memberships. To do this, members of this

  committee will identify strategies for recruitment (e.g., membership drives, promotions, sponsorships,


3 Promote the Alliance to international audiences to gain awareness outside of the United States. 

   Gain a minimum of five (5) international members. To do this, members of this committee will

   identify strategies for recruitment (e.g., partnering with international organizations, developing

   international outreach campaigns, etc.).

4 Interface with professional social work bodies such as the National Association of Social Workers

   (state chapters), Baccalaureate Program Directors, and the Council on Social Work Education.

5 Interface with professional bodies in disciplines different than social work. These professional

   bodies should have connections to athlete health and wellness.

6 Establish relationships with media outlets so our membership can provide expertise on current

   happenings in the world of athletics.

7 Maintain records of the presentations and publications of our Alliance members.

8 Raise $20,000 by the end of the calendar year.  These funds will come from a variety of sources

   such as membership dues, the Sport Social Work Certificate Program, symposium sponsorships

   and registrations, job center contributions, and other cash donations.  Money earned through

   external grants will not count towards this end goal.