July 2002 - Kristen Martin joined the University of Tennessee Women's Athletic Department. Martin was the Team ENHANCE Coordinator for the Lady Vol athletes through 2012. After combining both women and men’s athletic departments she became the Director of Mental Health/Wellness services for all student-athletes. She also consults with coaches and teams, sets up educational seminars, and conducts assessments on an as-needed basis.

In 2003 - Cindy Miller Aron was a member of the NCAA Inaugural Mental Health Task Force.

In 2007 - Cindy Miller Aron began her national advocacy in sports social work. 

In 2006 - Barb Hansen provided sports performance and mental training. She specialized in improving focus, increasing confidence, and improving overall performance.

In 2008 - Greg Harden became the Associate Athletic Director at the University of Michigan. He was appointed the director of counseling in 1994 until being appointed the Associate Athletic Director in 2008. He is a pioneer in the field of sports social work. He has helped thousands of student-athletes such as Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, Desmond Howard, and FOX Sports TV reporter Michelle McMahon, overcome hurdles and become successful in sports, academics, relationships, and life.

July 2013 -  Charlotte Warren along with Diana Rowan published an article titled “The Social Worker's Role in Serving Vulnerable Athletes.”

November 2013 - Charlotte Warren focused on providing services for the athletic population. She works with children, adolescents, and adults with mental health and substance abuse.

October 2014 - The 1 in 4 PROJECT was formed by a group of social workers to raise awareness of mental health in sports.

In 2015 -  The Alliance of Social Work in Sports was established with the goal to incorporate the values and ethics of social work into all aspects of sports.

August 2015 -  Dr. Matt Moore became an Assistant Professor at Ball State University. Also, in 2018 Dr. Moore will be releasing the FIRST EVER Social Work in Sports textbook.

August 2015 - Lindsey Sanders joined the research team at the Institute to Promote Athlete Health & Wellness as the mental health expert. IPAHW is the official educational partner of the NCAA. At the same time, Lindsey also became the counseling and education liaison to athletics at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

August 2015 - Lorin Mordecai created a Social Work and Sports Special Interest Group with NASW-NJ.

October 2015 - ASWIS began their Annual Conference located at Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado.

In 2016 - Cindy Miller Aron was a member of the NCAA Sexual Assault and Prevention Summit. She was also on the NCAA Board of Governors Commissions to Combat Campus Sexual Violence.

In 2015 - Jerry Reynolds began researching the history of athletics and recreation as a social work intervention, social work with collegiate athletes, and youth development. One of the most intriguing findings is that sports-based interventions were a vital part to the Settlement House found by Jane Addams in the early years of social work.

June 2016 - ASWIS incorporation was finalized.

July 2016 - Anna Scheyett became the Dean of the School of Social Work at the University of Georgia.

October 2016 - The Annual conference was held at Clark Atlanta University's Whitney M. Young Jr. School of Social Work in Atlanta, Georgia.

January 2016 - Warde Manuel became University of Michigan’s Athletic Director. There have only been 12 athletic directors to hold this position in 150 years. Warde has experience working at UConn and Georgia Tech to name a few.

March 2017 - ASWIS became an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

October 2017 - The conference was held in Dallas, Texas at Crowne Plaza Hotel Downtown.

January 2017 -  Dr. Emmett Gill, a member of the executive committee, became the Director of Student-Athlete Wellness and Personal Development and a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Gill published a historic article in 2008 titled It's Time For Social Workers to Get in the Game. 

March 2017 - ASWIS members address Executive Director Ogrean in our support of the 2017 International Ice Hockey Federation Women’s World Championship Boycott due to unequal treatment and pay.

July 2017 - Dr. Emmett Gill, Dr. Diana Rowan, and Dr. Matt Moore represented ASWIS as Co-editors in the Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics “The Role Social Work, Advocacy and Research in College Athletics.”

August 2017 - Charlotte Warren began working clinically with student-athletes at the University of Georgia. She began creating a behavioral medicine program within the sports medicine department.


August 2017 - Dawn Shardon became the Director of Student-Athlete Counseling and Mental Health at University of Connecticut. She is also a chair member of the sports medicine team, the athletic wellness and performance team, and sports medicine treatment team.

August 2017 - Christine Sotile became the coordinator of Student-Athlete Mental Health at Louisiana State University. Christine received the 2013 Tutor Spotlight Award. Christine counsels and mentors students through academic, interpersonal, and emotional challenges while adapting to collegiate life.

September 2017 - ASWIS addressed the NFL team owners and expressed our support for all athletes who use their natural born rights and contribute to the pursuit of social justice.

September 2017 - ASWIS Members addressed Kevin Vaughn with NBC 9 News stating that we understand the value youth coaches have on young athletes and that abusive coaches can have a negative impact on the overall development and wellness of the child.

September 2017 - Joey Garcia became the Player Development Specialist at Duquesne University.

October 2017 - Jen Farrell has been hired as the program's Director of Student-Athlete Mental Health at Lindenwood University Dr. Farrell specializes in the treatment of student-athlete mental health issues as well as providing sport psychology services to assist student-athletes in achieving peak performance. She has extensive experience working with collegiate and youth athletes as well as expertise in treating athletes with eating disorders and body image concerns.

November 2017 - The Professional Sports Committee of ASWIS wrote the National Football League (NFL) a position statement on athletes advocating, fundraising, and using their platform to address social injustices.

November 2017 - Cindy Miller Aron began a private practice in Portland, Oregon providing mental health services to athletes current/former or transitioning out of sports. She is also a team and coach consultant.

November 2017 - Danny Bonaventura became the Athletic Academic Specialist at Lamar University where he is combining his athletic background and his social work ethics to improve the overall well-being of each student-athlete that he encounters.

November 2017 - ASWIS held its first international webinar with Student-Athletes Mental Health Initiative, a Canadian based organization.

January 2018 – ASWIS started the Sport Social Work Certificate Program.

January 2018 - ASWIS made a statement in reference to ongoing alleged bribing scandals in the NCAA and state that we believe this is a great opportunity to strengthen the support for student-athletes and examine the impact of commodification on their well-being.

March 2018 - ASWIS addressed Dr. Condoleezza Rice to propose the benefits ASWIS could offer to the business of the NCAA and the overall well-being of student-athletes.

In 2018 - Cindy Miller Aron is a member of the NCAA Sexual Violence Prevention Think Tank. She is involved with consensus meetings on Mental Health in Elite Athletes. She recently opened a private practice in Portland, Oregon focusing on the mental health of athletes.